My name is Arnaud Rothfuss artist with a passion for creating unique and innovative artwork. With over 8 years of experience living in Bahrain, I developed a deep appreciation for the local Khaleeji culture and incorporates it into my artwork. I have degrees in interior design and worked for prestigious interior design company , which has given me a keen eye for composition and aesthetics that i applie to my artwork.

Iam versatile artist who is proficient in a range of techniques, from street art to fine art. I paint on various media, such as walls, canvas, wood, and fabric, and known for public and private commission work, and live show paintings. My art is a fusion of cultures, combining my European roots with my adopted Khaleeji culture. One of my signature features is introducing the keffiyeh (Shemagh) into paintings, which adds a unique element to my work.

I have been showcased in various galleries, including Paris Legacy store in the luxury Hotel Barrière Fouquet’s and Bahrain Last Oil Well Gallery. My paintings are not only visually striking, If you're looking for a statement piece that's sure to make you smile, my artwork is the way to go, often exploring themes of cultural identity and social commentary. My passion for merging cultures is apparent in my art, and believe that it is the future of the art world.

Iam available for commission works , and my artwork is also available for sale. Unique and innovative style will add a touch of sophistication and cultural fusion to any space. Whether you are looking for a statement piece for your home or office, or a unique and memorable gift, my artwork is sure to impress. Contact me today to commission a piece or inquire about available artwork.